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Sunday, September 11

Fall 2022 Eight Week Second Academic Calendar

Eight Week Second - Open Registration begins April 1, 2022 and ends October 16, 2022. The UHD Academic Calendar is the official publication of all important...

Fall 2022 Regular Academic Session - Academic Calendar

Complete withdrawals receive a 50% reduction in charges of tuition and mandatory fees. Student still responsible for 50% of total bill.

JC Penney Suit-Up Event

UHD Main Career Centers partners up with JC Penney so you can shop for everything you need to finish your look for your next career fair, interview, or a new...

JC Penny Suite up Event with business attire

Fashion guru Tim Gunn believes the way we dress shows the world how we want others to see us. If your look needs an upgrade, you’re in luck: from 3 to 6...

Sunday, September 11